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Safari 4.0.4

Apple's Safari browser now has released a new version of Safari 4.0.4. In this update Safari to improve the "speed, stability, and security" of the Safari browser. To view not much changed from previous versions that have been released

Top Sites feature presented on Safari 4 will feature the look of your favorite sites in the form tumbnail when opening a new tab, but with more interesting visuals of Speed Dial in Opera or thumbnail Most Visted on Google Chrome. In Features Top Sites can display up to 24 thumbnails on a single page.

With Cover Flow feature, Safari 4 will feature an interesting visualization when they want to review the site had opened and the site has in-bookmarks. Safari 4 allows full view and just exactly as the web page was opened last time. Sites that have opened and recorded in history is also possible to search by the features of Full History Search.

If you use the Safari browser on a PC with OS Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP, you will feel like familiar. This is because Safari has a native look and resembles like other Windows applications, including title bars, borders, and the toolbar.

To provide a consistent experience on Windows, Safari is now using the Windows default font, but you can choose to use Apple's default font if you want. And most importantly for Windows provides the same performance better and faster as provided for the Mac version.

In terms of web standards compliance, it can be noted that Safari 4 is the first final version of the browser that has successfully passed the Acid3 test. Until the last version, the new Safari is available for Windows and Mac OS X.

Download : Browser Safari 4 - Windows

Download : Safari All Version

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