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IE Tweaker - Internet Explorer Tweaker

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 is one of the web browser is very good except for Firefox, Chrome and Opera. If you like surfing / browsing using Internet Explorer 8 you can use IE Tweaker program to tweak in IE 8. So that Internet Explorer will be more comfortable we use to taste what we want.

IE Tweaker is a program to configure and tweak Internet Explorer. IE Tweaker is an interesting freeware that will help to improve various problems in Internet Explorer. A number of configuration and repair can easily do without having to enter manually into the registry.

IE Tweaker Features:

* Browsing Options: Options to turn of various features like smooth scrolling, clear type, animations, automatic image Resizing or Musical.
* Clean the Junk Files: Delete files that are automatically stored by Internet Explorer including temporary Internet files, cookies, auto complete data or passwords.
* Tweak IE: Divided into tabs that tweak your Internet Explorer's toolbars, menus and advanced browser settings. Tweaks range from disabling the tab grouping and enforcing full-screen mode to turning off Accelerators, restricting proxy changes and hiding toolbars or control panel options in the web browser.

* Restrictions: restrict or disable various options in Internet Explorer like the Internet Connection Wizard, tabbed browsing, reset web settings or restricting users from enabling or disabling add-ons.
* Security: Configure security settings like filtering or InPrivate InPrivate browsing, phishing filters or managing smartscreen filters.
* Repair: Comes with several options of Internet Explorer repair including re-registering DLLs and oxcs files, fixing the Internet Explorer problem run once or switching from a multi-process single process tabs to tabs.

Download: IE Tweaker
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