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Tips Displaying Subtitle On Video Files

With the internet of course we can find and download the latest movies and such horrendous 2012 and Twilight Saga - New Moon in 2009. But the video files that we get on the internet are usually not included with subtitles, but subtitles would be very easy to get as many specialized sites that provide subtitles with thousands of movie titles

Which became a problem, there could not put the subtitles into the movie that you have downloaded. In this post I will provide tips for a subtitle / text can be entered and read when you play a video file on your computer.

Follow tipsnya:

* Film and subtitles must be in one folder
* Give the same file name in the file film / video and subtitle it. But still different extensions
* Example: Twilight New Moon TS XviD V2 - IMAGiNE.avi for video file name and Twilight New Moon TS XviD V2 - IMAGiNE.srt for a subtitle file
* Next live play video files with video player

Do not forget to install the Windows Codec Pack to be able to play various types of multimedia files (video and music). And also install codec K-Lite codec Pack to complete and use Media Player Classic as a player video and music files

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Internet Connection Repair - Fix Slow Internet Connection

Normally each computer using windows operating systems are often infected by spyware and malware. Computers that are infected by the malware it will affect the internet connection.

In many cases the Internet connection will become very slow or to not connect at all. Even when you are doing and install windows updates or service packs will probably affect your Internet settings and slow your Internet connection.

It would be very difficult to fix the problem manually internet connection in Windows XP and Vista if caused by the problems above. Here is a freeware program Internet Connection Repair (IRC) that can help you to repair Internet connection problems in Windows XP and Vista. This freeware can automatically fix your problem.

This free utility will help you :
  • Diagnose and automatically repair the most common Internet connection issues
  • Solve complex connection issues by providing easy step by step instructions for problems that cannot be solved automatically
  • Fix problems often associated with removal of spyware/adware or uninstall of network and firewall software
  • Repair registry and Winsock settings for XP and Vista
  • Pinpoint issues and direct you to the right support contact for further assistance 
Do Until Spyware, Malware slowing your Internet connection. Immediately check and make repairs to the IRC - Internet Connection Repair. This is specifically for users of Windows XP and Windows Vista

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