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Injured Pixels 1.0

LCD monitor is now a first choice and users continue to increase. The reason is because the LCD monitor displays save power and image quality is excellent. but the lack of LCD monitor is defective pixels. Pixel is not illuminated display or not display the correct color.

If there is a dead pixel will usually be seen there is a small dot (white, black or colored dot) on your LCD screen. To find out you can use the Freeware Pixels injured. Pixel injured is an application that can be used to check an LCD monitor is perfect whether or not pixelnya

InjuredPixels can be used to test a new LCD monitor before purchasing. This is to ensure that you are not wrong to buy a new LCD Monitor or you can do a warranty if there is the warranty period. InjuredPixels can be run directly without having to install it on your computer

Download: InjuredPixels 1.0

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