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Windows 7 Theme from Microsoft

Microsoft has released a series of new themes for Windows 7. These themes, especially the brand of products and can also be said as a sponsored theme. These brands include Coca-Cola, Ducati, Porsche, Gears of wars, Ferrari, Avatar, Infiniti, Pepsi, etc.. Nuance campaign is obvious from the packaged wallpaper from each brand.
Microsoft also released a series of new themes that represent each country. There are 20 themes that represent each of the 20 countries. Unfortunately Indonesia does not include the 20 themes are released. The theme that represents the name of the country is packed with Wallpapers of their countries respectively.
Theme that you can download including Desktop Background, Screen Saver, Window border color and the Sound Scheme. To use it is also very easy, after you select the theme you like and then stay after they finish downloading just double click it it will be automatically installed directly
Download click here