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AdBannerRemoverPlus v1.0.4.1

AdBanner Remover Plus is one tool that serves to remove the ads on Yahoo Messenger chat application. In addition to remove Ads on IM applications, this software can also be used for Multi Login ID (Multi YM). So we can open many applications Yahoo Messenger on single PC.

AdBannerRemoverPlus work at 8 YM applications (all versions), 9 YM, YM 10 Beta to Final version is the latest. And if one day you want the ads on Yahoo Messenger comes back then you could also restored them back with this software, too.

Replaces or removes ads from Yahoo Messenger. This includes the Main ad that is located under the buddy list in the main window. Also other ads such as the Chat Ad. Some ads can only be replaced. Ads like the webcams or the Change Room Banner.

Supported Versions:

* All Yahoo Messenger 8 Builds
* All Yahoo Messenger 9 Builds up to (
* All Yahoo Messenger 10 Builds up to (

For users of Windows Vista and 7 run this program as "Run as Administrator"

Download : AdBannerRemoverPlus v1.0.4.1