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A Bootable USB

Maybe you do this during the installation of Windows using the DVD. But what if the CD / DVD Room your PC broken? Netbook or that there is no CD / DVD Room? Then you have to make a bootable USB. By using a USB then you can make the Windows OS Installation.

Possible to make a bootable USB is not as easy to make bootable CD / DVD. But now with the support of several Freeware will make it easier. In this post I will give a Freeware that you can choose to create a bootable USB.

A Bootable USB sederahana is an application that can be used to transfer the Windows files directly from a DVD or using an ISO file. To use simple and easy as well. Just plug the USB, run the program A Bootable USB, check USB, USB format, and select DVD or ISO file you want to take installasinya, and began the process of making bootable USB

Take note A Bootable USB :
  • Only supports Windows Vista/2008/7 installs;
  • Only supports USB/flash drives larger than 4 GB;
  • Officially works only on Windows Vista/2008/7 (the OS you create your bootable USB on not the one you are trying to install);
  • Can be installed or used as a portable application.
 Download : A Bootable USB