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Google Translate Client v3.1

Google Translate is a Free service from Google that is very useful. With this service we can translate the various languages of the world.

Currently Google Translate can translate words or sentences of 51 kinds of languages in the world. And of course Indonesia including one

Ordinary users are always open Google Translate service through a web browser, then select the language and do copy and paste the text, of course in this way will take a lot of time. Now you can use Google Translate tools v3.1 Client to save time and will make it easier to translate the language.

Google Translate with our client no longer have to manually copy and paste because the facilities already available with the Auto Paste marked "G-Icon" every time you do the blocking in the text. After you do the next text block click on the G-Icon, it will automatically translate directly. Google Translate Client will be integrated to many Windows applications such as browsers Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome.

To use Google Translate Client Application is you must remain in the state online

Download : Google Translate Client v3.1