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Defraggler 1.15

Defraggler is one of the best defragmentation tool available for free. Defraggler help computer users who feel their system running too slow. This simple program allows you to defrag the files and folders without having to defrag the entire hard disk drive that can speed up the process.

Defragmentation should be done so that disk response is always awake. Unfortunately, congenital defrag tool from Windows works too slow when doing Defrag. Therefore we can use Defraggler from Piriform Ltd. products are also incurred CCleaner products

Recent changes in Defraggler :

  • Added ‘Empty recycle bin option’ before defrag.
  • Improved placement of files around MFT.
  • Fixed incorrect defrag button behavior (defrag checked and highlighted while using tabstop).
  • Fixed crash occurring after pressing defrag button.
  • Fixed tab order on cleanup drive dialog.
  • Added Run Defraggler option after installation.
  • Added Estonian support.
OS Requirements for Defraggler :

  • OS: Win2000, Windows XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7 - Including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. 
Download : Defraggler 1.15