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Display Firefox 4

Firefox is now a favorite browser is widely used by Internet users. Besides the strength and speed, Firefox is also easily customizable. By using the add-on, and some Firefox settings so that we will use the more beautiful and elegant.

With Add-on Glasser we can make Firefox to be transparent and the Add-on Stylish and then add a little script Bookmarks Toolbar will also become more beautiful. Tips for viewing my post Firefox that this time the display resembles Firefox in the future, which by its developers have shown little leakage of the Firefox browser view future versions 4

Add-on and Theme needed:

     * Download and install the Strata Theme 40
     * Install Add-on Glasser, to provide a transparent glass effects in Vista and Windows 7
     * Install Add-on Personal Menu, for setting the toolbar
     * Install Add-on Stylish

Tutorials and Setting Add-on Stylish

     * To enable and add the source to the Addon Stylish, open the Tools menu> Add-Ons
     * On Stylish select the Options

     * Then select the menu Write

     * In the Description insert name: FF3Glasser and the input field below the source code can be found at: Userstyles.org style 7993
     * Then Save

Tutorials and Add-on setting Personal Menu

     * Next to setting the Add-on Personal Menu for Firefox is more widely by hiding the Toolbar     menu, click on the menu Add-on Personal Menu are no corner portion of> Edit This Menu

     * Then click the Advanced Menu tab and check the option Hide Menus Toolbar

     * Apply and then Ok

With the tips above the Firefox browser which we use will become more cool, nice and comfortable when we use to surf the internet world