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SetteMaxer 1.0

SetteMaxer is a free tool that we can use to optimize Windows 7. In this tool there are 12 pieces registry tweaks for Windows 7. By utilizing our SetteMaxer can practically do tweaking on Windows 7 without having to open the Registry Editor and do it manually. When run it better with the option: "Run As Administrator"

Features of SetteMaxer:

     * Optimizes the menu show delay: Sets the delay value to 0, menus that the OS has a faster navigation.
     * Optimizes Wait to Kill Service Timeout: Sets its value to 1000 to shorten the duration of shutdown and restart.
     * Wait to Kill Optimizes Applications Timeout: Sets its value to 1000 to shorten the duration of shutdown and restart
     * Optimize Application Response Timeout: Shorten Application timeout when an application does not respond, whether to be repeated or canceled.
     * Optimize Low Level Hooks Timeout: Shorten Low Level Hooks Timeout
     * Enable Auto End Tasks: can quickly close the applications that run when the command mesih shutdown / logoff / restart run
     * Enable Desktop Composition: Enabling Display Windows Aero when Windows Experience Index can not be started / finished or not allowed to run.
     * Disable AutoReboot on Crash
     * Disable Task Scheduler
     * Disable Remote Registry Access: This can be useful to protect regristasi which can be accessed remotely.
     * Disable User Access Control
     * Do not want to use it
     * Enable Sidebar When UAC Disabled: Enable Sidebar in a state even if UAC disabled

Download : SetteMaxer v1.0